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  • When applying for visas to the Russian Federation, it is important to remember, that there are certain regions, like Altay and Kamchatka, where specific requirements can be applied. These can be authorizations from local authorities, additional documents or extra-charges, full information is available in our office. For other parts of Russia usual requirements are applicable.
  • Tourist visas to Russia are usually issued for the term of 2 weeks, to obtain a visa for a month and more, please apply for a business visa.
  • There are various types of invitations, suitable for different situations. For assitance in obtaining Russian visa support (invitation) please apply to our office. We will do our best to find the solution for your unique situation.
  • Russian visa requirements: application form for a Russian visa, filled in completely (can be received and filled in in our bureau), passport (original), invitation to Russia, a photo (passport-sized); when applying for a business visa for more than 3 months HIV certificate is required; when applying for transit visa visa to the country of final destination is required.
  • Additional visa information: although there are standard periods of processing of Russian visa application at the consulate, in most cases we can speed it up for additional payment and get it next day. But time should also be reserved for obtaining the visa invitation itself. We can guarantee obtaining a tourist visa invitation next day, and a business visa invitation in minimum 3 working days. Therefore we kindly ask you not to delay visa arrangement as it cannot always be done in the last minute before your trip.
  • For double or multiple business visa to Russia it is necessary to provide an invitation from your business partner, authorized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. We can assist in obtaining such an invitation.
  • For multiple business visa to Russia it is necessary to provide HIV certificate.


Visa Type Number of Entries Duration Invitation Visa Fee Total
Business 1 1 month 1700 Kč 1800 Kč 3500 Kč
Business 2 1 month 2000 Kč 2600 Kč 4600 Kč
Business 2 3 months 2400 Kč 2600 Kč 5000 Kč
Business Multiple 6 months 4000 Kč 2600 Kč 6600 Kč
Business Multiple 12 months 6800 Kč 4600 Kč 11400 Kč
Transit 2 -- -- 3000 Kč 3000 Kč

For more information please do not hesitate to contact office of ASIANA by telephone at the following numbers: 233 081 128, 233 081 125, 233 081 129 or by e-mail.

Russian Visa Application Form can be downloaded from here.

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